BBI1O/BBI2O – Introduction to Business

Course Description

This course introduces students to the world of business. Students will develop an understanding of the functions of business, including accounting, marketing, information and communication technology, human resources, and production, and of the importance of ethics and social responsibility. This course builds a foundation for further studies in business and helps students develop the business knowledge and skills they will need in their everyday lives.

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The Content

The course runs for a total of 110 hours. The lessons outlined below are all structured for 100 minutes of instruction time, unless otherwise stated.

The 110 hours also includes additional time that may be allocated for assignments, tests and the independent study unit, at the teacher’s discretion.

The first and second lesson are free! Then individual lessons are priced at $5 or the whole course at $85

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Available within the relevant lessons:

  • Assignment 1.1 Business Decision Making Exercise
  • Assignment 1.2 Franchise Infographic
  • Assignment 1.3 Ethical Behaviour
  • Assignment 1.4 CSR Audit
  • Assignment 1.5 International Trade Agreements and Organisations
  • Assignment 2.1 Increasing Productivity in the Workplace
  • Assignment 2.2 Business Letter
  • Assignment 2.3 Movie Leadership Analysis
  • Assignment 2.4 Advertising Analysis
  • Assignment 2.5 The Marketing Mix
  • Assignment 3.1 Budgeting
  • Assignment 3.2 Investing
  • Assignment 4.1 Inventor Trading Cards
  • Assignment 4.2 The Greatest Entrepreneur!

Examination Related

Available within the relevant lessons:

  • A final exam is available upon request; contact us.

Whole Course Resources

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