CIE3M – The Individual and the Economy

Course Description

This course explores issues and challenges facing the Canadian economy as well as the implications of various responses to them. Students will explore the economic role of firms, workers, and government as well as their own role as individual consumers and contributors, and how all of these roles contribute to stability and change in the Canadian economy. Students will apply the concepts of economic thinking and the economic inquiry process, including economic models, to investigate the impact of economic issues and decisions at the individual, regional, and national level.

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The Content

The course runs for a total of 110 hours. The lessons outlined below are all structured for 100 minutes of instruction time, unless otherwise stated.

The 110 hours also includes additional time that may be allocated for assignments, tests and the independent study unit, at the teacher’s discretion.

The first and second lesson are free! Then individual lessons are priced at $5 or the whole course at $85

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Available within the relevant lessons:

  • Assignment 1.1 The PPC
  • Assignment 1.2 Franchise Infographic
  • Assignment 1.3 Battle Royale
  • Assignment 2.1 Budgeting
  • Assignment 2.2 Investing
  • Assignment 3.1 Supply and Demand
  • Assignment 3.2 Collective Bargaining Simulation
  • Assignment 3.3 Externalities DME
  • Assignment 3.4 Unemployment Essay
  • Assignment 4.1 Monopoly Game
  • Assignment 4.2 Social Inequity Essay
  • Assignment 5.1 The Impact of COVID-19
  • Assignment 5.2 Business Decision Making Exercise
  • Assignment 5.3 International Agreements and Organisations

Examination Related

  • A final exam is available upon request; contact us.

Whole Course Resources

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