Social Studies 12 – Physical Geography

Course Description 

Students explore physical processes related to the earth’s water, land, and air. They investigate how these processes shape the planet’s natural characteristics and affect human systems, how they are involved in the creation of natural disasters, and how they influence the impacts of human disasters.  Students apply the concepts of geographic thinking and the geographic inquiry process and use spatial technologies to analyse these processes, make predictions related to natural disasters, and assess ways of responding to them.

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The Content

The course runs for a total of 110 hours. The lessons outlined below are all structured for 100 minutes of instruction time, unless otherwise stated.

The 110 hours also includes additional time that may be allocated for assignments and tests, at the teacher’s discretion.

The first and second lesson are free! Then individual lessons are priced at $5 or the whole course at $95. If you buy individual lessons then decide to buy the whole course, make your purchase, contact us, and we will refund the individuals.

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  • Assignment 1.1 Physical Geography Scrapbook
  • Assignment 2.1 Plate Tectonic Map
  • Assignment 2.2 Earthquake Lab Activity
  • Assignment 2.3 Yellowstone Investigation
  • Assignment 3.1 GIS and Tropical Storms
  • Assignment 4.1 El Niño and Teleconnections
  • Assignment 4.2 Rivers of the World
  • Assignment 5.1 The Value of Ecosystems

Examination Related

  • Unit 1 Review Sheet
  • Unit 2 Review Sheet
  • Unit 3 Review Sheet
  • Unit 4 Review Sheet
  • Unit 5 Review Sheet
  • A final exam is available upon request; contact us.

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