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Another exciting documentary aired earlier this month, and that I watched last week, is Seaspiracy. A documentary produced and narrated by Ali Tabrizi. His documentary takes us on a global journey which seeks to uncover the truth about the decimation of our oceans. The documetary covers issues surrounding plastic pollution, overfishing, sustainable fishing, bottom trawling, whaling, slave labour, and corruption. This is another issue that I am extremely passionate about as an educator, and I believe that is essential that we share such documentaries with our young learners, so they can learn how to be more sustainable to ensure the longeviety of our planet.

I have created a worksheet to accompany the film for use with my Social Studies classes. I intend to use this with:

  • Grade 7 – they have been participating in the Canadian Geographic ‘Energy Diet Challenge.’ They have been learning about how to reduce their water, food, energy and plastic consumption.
  • Grade 8 – they have been investigating the ocean as a theme for their unit on Geographical Skills.
  • Grade 11/12 – as part of their IB Ocean Environments course.

There are plenty of other links to a variety of Social Studies curriculums.


Taken from Netflix – Seaspiracy examines the global fishing industry, challenging notions of sustainable fishing and showing how human actions cause widespread environmental destruction.

The New York Times provides a good summary for anyone else wanting anymore information.

New York Times Article

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Netflix: Seaspiracy

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