CIA4U – Analysing Current Economic Issues

Course Description

This course examines current Canadian and international economic issues, developments, policies, and practices from diverse perspectives. Students will explore the decisions that individuals and institutions, including governments, make in response to economic issues such as globalization, trade agreements, economic inequalities, regulation, and public spending. Students will apply the concepts of economic thinking and the economic inquiry process, as well as economic models and theories, to investigate, and develop informed opinions about, economic trade-offs, growth, and sustainability and related economic issues.

Course Overlaps

  • Unit 1 | Some overlap with Unit 1 CIE3M
  • Unit 4 | Some overlap with Unit 2 CGW4U and Unit 1 and 2 BBB4M.

The Content

The course runs for a total of 110 hours. The lessons outlined below are all structured for 100 minutes of instruction time, unless otherwise stated.

The 110 hours also includes additional time that may be allocated for assignments, tests and the independent study unit, at the teacher’s discretion.

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  • Introduction Materials:
    • First Day Handout [see whole course resources below]
    • Independent Study Unit [see whole course resources below]
  • Skill Unit – Economic Inquiry and Skill Development:
  • A1. Economic Inquiry: use the economic inquiry process and the concepts of economic thinking when investigating current Canadian and international economic issues;
  • A2. Developing Transferable Skills: apply in everyday contexts skills developed through economic investigation, and identify various careers in which a background in economics might be an asset.
  • **Please note: The above unit and its two components will be taught through the other four units of inquiry.
  • Unit 1 – Fundamentals of Economics:
  • B1. Scarcity and Choice: demonstrate an understanding of the significance of the concept of scarcity and how it influences economic choices and decisions of various economic stakeholders.
  • B2. Supply and Demand Models: demonstrate an understanding of supply and demand models, including how to apply these models, and of factors that affect supply and demand.
  • B3. Growth and Sustainability: analyse aspects of economic growth/development, including its costs, benefits, and sustainability.
  • B4. Economic Thought and Decision Making: analyse how economic and political ideas and various sociocultural factors affect economic decision making.
  • Unit 2 – Firms, Markets, and Stakeholders:
  • C1. The Firm and Market Structures: demonstrate an understanding of markets and theories of the firm.
  • C2. Economic Trade-Offs and Decisions: analyse economic trade-offs from the perspective of different stakeholders, including those in different countries, and how trade-offs influence economic decisions.
  • C3. The Role of Government in Redressing Imbalance: explain ways in which governments, both in Canada and internationally, intervene in the economy to help address social needs and economic imbalances.
  • Unit 3 – Macroeconomics:
  • D1. Macroeconomic Models and Measures: demonstrate an understanding of various macroeconomic models and measures, including indicators used to measure economic inequalities, and assess their usefulness.
  • D2. Fiscal Policy: demonstrate an understanding of fiscal policy in Canada, including how it is shaped and its impact.
  • D3. Monetary Policy: analyse various aspects of monetary policy in Canada and their impact on the economy.
  • Unit 4 – Economic Interdependence and Inequalities:
  • E1. Theories and Models of International Trade: analyse various theories, models, and issues relating to international trade.
  • E2. International Economic Developments: analyse the impact of some key international economic events and developments as well as various responses to them.
  • E3. International Economic Power and Inequality: explain the main causes and effects of global economic disparities and assess the effectiveness of responses to these disparities, and investment, on the Canadian economy.


Available within the relevant lessons:

  • Assignment 1.1 | The PPC
  • Assignment 1.2 | Demand and Supply
  • Assignment 1.3 | Battle Royale
  • Assignment 1.4 | Evolution of Economic Thought
  • Assignment 2.1 | Franchises Infographic
  • Assignment 2.2 | Monopoly Game Reflection
  • Assignment 2.3 | Black Market Essay
  • Assignment 3.1 | AD and AS Test
  • Assignment 3.2 | Macroeconomic Indicators
  • Assignment 3.3 | Monetary Policy in Action!
  • Assignment 3.4 | Fiscal and Monetary Policies Test
  • Assignment 4.1 | International Agreements and Organisations
  • Assignment 4.2 | Impacts of International Events and Disasters
  • Assignment 4.3 | The Big Mac Index

Whole Course Resources

These resources are available to those with access to the whole course:

  • Course of Study
  • First Day Handout
  • ISU
  • Final Exam
  • External Resources List

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