What to Expect from Our Resources

GlobalGeek provides dynamic and effective teaching and learning resources suitable for students aged 11 – 18 years old. Content is variously applicable to both Canadian (specifically Ontario and British Columbia) and IB curriculums.

Each resource on GlobalGeek is tailored to a unique subject or course, and is a high quality teaching package which will bring diverse, relevant and active learning opportunities to your classroom!

We care that our content is consistent, high quality and reviewed, so our content is structured as below unless by exception, the format does not fit.


Courses are made up of multiple lessons and always have an overview page, this provides the following:

  • Description
  • Link to specific curriculum expectations
  • Unit outlines
  • Lesson Breakdown
  • Unit Assignments
  • Assessment opportunities


Lessons provide the following:

  • Duration
  • Objectives
  • Outcomes
  • Sequence
  • PowerPoint presentation (adaptable to suit your needs, and with prompts for teacher instruction, personalisation and student tasks)
  • Additional resources created by GlobalGeek (where appropriate)
  • External resource links (where appropriate)


The first and second lesson for each course is always free! Further lessons are available individually or as a whole course.

The teaching resources we create are designed to provide a complete lesson for use with your teaching. However, they are not a ‘how to teach’ set of resources, and do not come with scripts. As with every lesson, some preparation and time to familiarise yourself with the presentations and other resources is required.