Social Studies 12 – Human Geography

Course Description 

Students will assess the significance of places by identifying the physical and/or human features that characterize them (sense of place). Students will evaluate how particular geographic actions or events influence human practices or outcomes (geographical value judgments). Students will identify and assess how human and environmental factors and events influence each other (interactions and associations) Make reasoned ethical judgments about controversial actions in the past or present, and determine whether we have a responsibility to respond (geographical value judgments).

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The Content

The lessons outlined below are all structured for 100 minutes of instruction time, unless otherwise stated.

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The following assessments are available within the appropriate lessons.

  • Assignment 1.1: Populations and Demographic Change
  • Assignment 1.2: Migration Essay
  • Assignment 1.3: Populations and Migration
  • Assignment 2.1: Zimbabwe Disparities
  • Assignment 2.2: Sustainable Development Goals
  • Assignment 2.3: Urbanisation Debate
  • Assignment 3.1: Types of Disease
  • Assignment 3.2: Water Conflicts
  • Assignment 4.1: Contemporary Geopolitics
  • Assignment 4.2: Terrorism Debate
  • Assignment 5.1: Canada’s Energy Pathways
  • Assignment 5.2: Energy Production Hotspots

Examination Related

  • A final exam is available upon request; contact us.