CGG3O – Unit 2 – Lesson 7: The Best of Travel



100 minutes

Lesson Objective

  • To apply what we have learnt in Unit 2 to real-world contexts.

Lesson Outcomes

  • Identify tourism business opportunities through the natural environment.
  • Describe how tourism industries can protect and preserve the natural environment.
  • Describe the measures businesses take to be responsible.
  • Explain the relationship between tourism businesses and tourists with respect to protecting the environment.

The Lesson


  1. Starter: What’s the Focus? Image Reveal…
  2. Task 1 | The Best of travel South Africa | Documentary.
  3. Review: Free-write.

GlobalGeek Resources

External Resources

Ontarion Public Library Link [for documentary]

Best of Travel: South Africa Documentary – Part 1
Best of Travel: South Africa Documentary – Part 3