HSC4M – Unit 3 – Lesson 5: The Amish [Part 2]



100 minutes

Lesson Objective

  • To learn about the Amish culture and how it has been impacted by globalisation.

Lesson Outcomes

  • šDescribe who the Amish are.
  • Explain how globalization has impacted upon the Amish.
  • Analyse how the Amish have adopted and resisted globalisation.
  • Assess the quality of the life of the Amish. 

The Lesson


  1. Starter: The Amish | Kahoot Quiz.
  2. Task 1 | Living with The Amish Documentary.
  3. Review: How would the Amish Culture be Challenging for globalized person? Class Discussion.

Assignment 3.1 | The Amish and Globalisation Essay.

GlobalGeek Resources

External Resources

Kahoot.com [Name: The Amish, Author: linesc – 17 Questions].