CHC2D – Unit 3 – Lesson 1: Introduction to WWII



60 minutes

Lesson Objective

  • To explore the key leaders and countries involved in WWII.

Lesson Outcomes

  • To name the key leaders of WWII.
  • To name the key countries in WWII.
  • To examine the role of key leaders in WWII.

The Lesson


  1. Riddle me this… Numerical Nightmare!
  2. Starter: Famous Faces of WWII.
  3. Task 1 | Leaders Top Trumps! Group Activity.
  4. The Main Players of WWII | Teacher Led Instruction.
  5. Task 2 | Leaders of WWII | Spider Map | Independent Learning Activity.
  6. Review: Group – Share – Discuss

GlobalGeek Resources

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