Geographical Information System (GIS) Resources

GIS Resources, what?! Well, we’re quite keen on GIS here at GlobalGeek; one of our writers, Natasha, is a GIS Ambassador. Anyway, in this post I’ll list, and try to update, resources that might help in the classroom. If you’ve got any suggestions, drop them in the comments box.

This post will be broken down into:

Ready to go Classroom Resources

I’ll give a selection of ready to go resources, but there will be many I miss, so check the general resources when you have the time.


By Subject






Fun/Random Activities

  • GeoGuessr – A game to guess a location based on a streetview image, a fun game if broken into groups.
  • GeoCaching – Hunt for hidden boxes all over the world, they’re everywhere!
  • Teacher GIS Project Ideas – Looking for something to teach GIS with?
  • What3Words – Give your location in 3 words?!



I made a blog dedicated to GIS for the classroom, giving my thoughts on how to present GeoSpatial data in the classroom, and a few other things, so if you’re looking to create something, look there. But I will give links to appropriate software on this article:

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