Social Studies 11 – Population Distribution

Unit Description

In this unit of work, students will address the challenge of creating a more sustainable and equitable world. Students will begin looking at current trends in global population. Students will learn the views of population theories, how to interpret and construct population pyramids, analyse the demographic transition model, assess how countries have responded to population challenges, and investigate issues pertaining to migration.

The Content

The unit of work runs for a total of 20 hours. The lessons outlined below are all structured for 100 minutes of instruction time, unless otherwise stated.

The 20 hours does not include additional time that may be allocated for assignments or tests. These will be at the teacher’s discretion.

Individual lessons are priced at $5 or the unit of work at $25 or whole course at $75. If you buy individual lessons then decide to buy the unit of work, make your purchase, contact us, and we will refund the individuals lessons.

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This unit of work is part of a set of five units which focus on Human Geography as part of the Social Studies 11 Curriculum. Other units in this set are:

  1. Population Disparities
  2. Health and Disease
  3. Geopolitics
  4. Resource Consumption



Available within the relevant lessons:

  • Assignment: Populations and Demographic Change
  • Assignment: Migration Essay
  • Assignment: Populations and Migration

Examination Related

Available within the relevant lessons:

  • Review Sheet
  • Exam Outline
  • A final exam is available upon request; contact us.

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