CHC2D – Canadian History since World War I, Grade 10

This course explores social, economic, and political developments and events and their impact on the lives of different individuals, groups, and communities, including First Nations, Métis, and Inuit individuals and communities, in Canada since 1914. Students will examine the role of conflict and cooperation in Canadian society, Canada’s evolving role within the global community, and the impact of various individuals, organizations, and events on identities, citizenship, and heritage in Canada. Students will develop an understanding of some of the political developments and government policies that have had a lasting impact on First Nations, Métis, and Inuit individuals and communities. They will develop their ability to apply the concepts of historical thinking and the historical inquiry process, including the interpretation and analysis of evidence, when investigating key issues and events in Canadian history since 1914.

Social Studies 11 – Geopolitics – Lesson 3: Genocide

Overview Duration 100 minutes Lesson Objective To learn about genocide. Lesson Outcomes Define key terms related to genocide.Explain the eight stages of genocide.Examine case studies of genocide.Identify UN actions to intervene or prevent genocide. Evaluate…