CLU3M – Unit 1 – Lesson 5: Understanding International Law



100 minutes x 2

Lesson Objective

  • To understand how Canada fits into international law.

Lesson Outcomes

  • Define and explain globalisation.
  • Explain the role of international organisations such as the United Nations in implementing international law.
  • Explain the International Court of Justice.
  • Analyse and discuss international law cases.

The Lesson

Lesson 5a. Sequence

  1. Starter: What is globalisation? [definition on a post-it note].
  2. Task 1. What are the effects of Globalisation on International Law? [mindmap task].
  3. International Law [teacher led instruction and note taking].
  4. Following International Law .
  5. Task 2. Current Events and International Law [scavenger hunt].

Lesson 5b. Sequence

  1. Starter: Discuss findings from scavenger hunt.
  2. Task 1. Law Case Study Analysis.
  3. Task 2. Law Case Study Timeline Activity.
  4. Review: Time for TedED [critical thinking exercise].

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