CGG3O – Unit 1 – Lesson 1: Introduction to Tourism



100 minutes

Lesson Objective

  • To learn about tourism.

Lesson Outcomes

  • šDescribe different perspectives of studying travel and tourism.
  • List and describe factors that motivate people to travel.
  • List and describe barriers that prevent people from travelling.
  • Learn to use Google my Maps by creating a map of the places you have travelled to.

The Lesson


  1. Starter: Tourism Word Cloud.
  2. What is this course about? Video Activity.
  3. Task 1 | What is tourism?| Class Discussion.
  4. Perspectives of Tourism | Teacher led note taking and discussion
  5. Task 2 | Why do People Travel? | Paired brainstorm.
  6. Task 3 | Travel Motivators | Paired brainstorm.
  7. Task 4 | Barriers to Travel | Paired Brainstorm.
  8. The Language Barrier | Article Analysis.
  9. Task 5 | Barriers to Travel | Individual Activity.
  10. Task 6 | Travel and Tourism Map?
  11. Review: 5, 4, 3, 2, 1.

GlobalGeek Resources

External Resources

Word Art


  1. Is there a way I can download and edit documents? I also notice that a lot of the content is in PowerPoint format, any way I can covert it to Google Slides?

    1. Hi Sara,

      All of the documents attached on each lesson page are available to download and then edit as you wish. Currently, all of the resources are in Microsoft format, but we are currently in the process of deciding whether to make resources available in Google format too. In the meantime, you would have to upload the resources to your own Google Drive and they will automatically open in Google slides/docs etc.

    1. Sara, Google will actually allow you to open PowerPoints into Google Slide format. There might be some font and format issues, but it’s usually pretty smooth, so you don’t have to recreate every slide show from scratch!

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