BOH4M – Unit 5 – Lesson 5: Employee Protection and Discrimination



100 minutes

Lesson Objective

  • To learn about employee protection and discrimination

Lesson Outcomes

  • Understand that workers rights are human rights
  • Understand that adequate protections in the workplace can mean the difference between a decent standard of living and poverty for many families
  • Understand that the right of workers to act collectively for their interests is an important and pressing issue in Canada and the world, recognized by Canadian and international law.

The Lesson


  1. Starter: What is the image trying to tell us?
  2. Human Rights in Canada | Class discussion
  3. Task 1 | Human Rights Timeline | Date and Event Matching Activity
  4. Protecting the Employee | Teacher led note taking and discussion
  5. Task 2 | Workers Rights in Canada Timeline | Victory or Loss?
  6. Equality and Discrimination | Teacher led note taking and discussion
  7. Task 3 | Test your knowledge | Multiple Choice Quiz
  8. Task 4 | Diversity at Tesco | Business Case Study
  9. Review: What would you do?

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