BBB4M – Unit 4 – Lesson 5: The Supply Chain



100 minutes

Lesson Objective

  • To learn about Supply Chain Management.

Lesson Outcomes

  • Define the supply chain.
  • Explain the difference between horizontal and vertical integration.
  • Identify and explain Inventory management, storage, supplier coordination, cash flow and information processing.
  • Play a Supply Chain Simulation Game | The Cell Phone Game

The Lesson


  1. Riddle me this… Spot the Difference | Popcorn Puzzle.
  2. Starter: DHL Supply Chain | Video Resource [class task].
  3. Supply Chain Management [teacher led instruction and note taking].
  4. Components of the Supply Chain | Mindmap [individual task].
  5. Experiential Learning | Cell Phone Game | Source: Association for Supply Chain Management.
  6. Review: Cell Phone Game Reflection | What did you learn?

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