Internal Assessment

  • This component is internally assessed by the teacher and externally moderated by the IB at the end of the course.
  • Fieldwork (20 hours)
  • Written report (30 marks)
  • Worth a total of 25% for SL students and 20% for HL students

Group work
May be undertaken by students as described below but the written report must be the students’ individual work.

The fieldwork topic, fieldwork question and methods of information collection may be chosen by the teacher, the whole class, small groups or individuals. In the early stages of the investigation, students may collect fieldwork information in groups and collaborate on these findings and suitable methods of presentation.

Once the research is completed and the necessary fieldwork information and possible methods of presentation exchanged, the emphasis must be on individual work. 

The writing of the report, the justification of methods, the analysis and the conclusion must be entirely the work of the individual student 

Written reports

Students should produce one report of their investigation. The report must not exceed 2,500 words.

The following are not included in the word count.

  • Title page
  • Acknowledgments
  • Contents page
  • Titles and subtitles
  • References
  • Footnotes – up to a maximum of 15 words each
  • Map legends and/or keys
  • Labels – of 10 words or less
  • Tables – of statistical or numerical data, or categories, classes or group names
  • Calculations
  • Appendices – containing only raw data and/or calculations
  • All the main text is included in the word count, including the research question, analysis, conclusion and evaluation, as well as all annotations over 10 words and any footnotes over 15 words.

Internal Assessment Guidance [Google Doc]

Example Questions

Useful Links

Shockwave Documentary

Port Alberni Community Website

Port Alberni Maritime Heritage

Port Alberni Fire Department


Examples of Maps from Datawrapper

May be an image of 3 people and outdoors