CGC1D – Unit 2 – Lesson 5: Earthquakes



60 minutes

Lesson Objective

  • To explore earthquakes.

Lesson Outcomes

● Describe how earthquakes are caused.

● Explain how earthquakes are measured.

● Explain the differences between body waves and surface waves.

The Lesson


  1. Starter: What do we know about earthquakes?
  2. Earthquakes | Teacher led instruction.
  3. Task 1: Types of Wave | Worksheet.
  4. How do we measure earthquakes? | Teacher led instruction.
  5. Review: Key terms dominoes/bingo.

Assignment 2.3 | Master of Disaster

GlobalGeek Resources

External Resources

USGS Website


    1. Hi Andrea,

      Thank you for your comments! I had a look at the resources, and I actually uploaded the wrong worksheet to go with the lesson. Apologies for this – a mistake on my part. This means that there is actually no YouTube video required. I have now uploaded the correct worksheet for use with the lesson. Re: the key terms bingo/dominoes – the key terms for this activity are on the last slide of the powerpoint. You can then use these key terms for a bingo game with the students, or cut them out and create a match-up dominoes exercise for the students to do!

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