Tutoring Approach

First and foremost I believe it is absolutely crucial to speak one-on-one with both you and your child prior to tutoring. It is essential that a comfortable rapport is established, for there to be a mutual respect for one another, as well as a desire to learn. It is important to determine the individual learning style of your child, their personal goals, your hopes and what you both hope to see from me as a mentor.

By listening to what your child wants to accomplish it will be easier to help them be engaged in their learning. Furthermore, assessing the strengths and weaknesses of your child will help tailor a more efficient lesson plan for me to ensure your child receives the help that they need.

My approach to tutoring is to promote a love of life long learning through independent learning, by having your child take control of their learning environment. I aim for my students to develop a deep understanding of concepts and develop self-confidence. My approach may vary depending on the student, but I always aim to have an engaging and motivating environment.

Ultimately, my approach to tutoring is providing students with the knowledge and skills to be able to thrive on their own without additional support. I am a strong believer in positive reinforcement and using goal setting as a method for student to be able to see their progress over time. As my own personal goal, I like to create a mutual timeline with my students to give feedback, any sort of assessment that they may desire to see their improvements. Furthermore, I am a strong advocate for healthy mental wellbeing and believe that strategies to help implement this will facilitate longevity in successful learning.


  • $30/hour for one-on-one tuition
  • $20/hour for group/paired tuition


Please email me at natasha@ for more information.


Originally from the UK, I graduated from the University of Newcastle with a Post Graduate Certificate in Secondary Education in 2010. After teaching Geography, History and Economics at High School Level for 5 years, I moved to Canada in 2016 and have been teaching a wide variety of subjects to Grades 6-12. I also hold a Post Graduate Certificate in Geographical Information Systems (GIS), and I am currently mid-way through completing a Masters Degree in Educational Leadership. I am certified with both The Ontario College of Teachers and the British Columbia Ministry of Education, where I am qualified to teach:

  • Social Studies and Career Life Education for Intermediate/Senior Divisions (Grades 6-12)
  • Math and English for Intermediate Divisions (Grades 6-10).
  • International Baccalaureate (IB) Teacher for Middle Years Program (MYP) Individuals and Societies
  • IB Teacher for Diploma Program (DP) Geography, History and Economics.

Teaching is my passion, and I would like to help you and your children succeed!


I have been very fortunate to have worked in 6 different schools, in varying locations, with students from a diverse mix of backgrounds, contexts and academic abilities. These various experiences have helped shape me into a dynamic and competant individual with knowledge and management strategies in many areas. I have learned how different age groups deal with stress while working on tests/assignments under pressure, as well as how each student learns differently.

These experiences has provided me with the skills needed to engage students and work with all different levels of experience. I have had the opportunity to teach both large and small groups as well as in a one-to-one setting. I believe that my skills acquired in this form of teaching will also be applicable and valuable when tutoring. My passion for teaching as well as my passion for writing and the English language will help me to excite students and not only develop their skills in whatever area they struggle, but also develop their interest and appreciation for the subject matter.